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When visiting, the site will attempt to deposit cookies on your computer. uses cookies to improve the user's experience of the web-site and to gather information about the use of the site. No personal information is being collected.

What's a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file received and stored by your browser. Information in the cookie makes it possible for a web-site to recognise a specific browser installation and thus to send individualised information to this installation.

A cookie can contain text, numbers, dates etc. but it does not hold any personal information. A cookie is not a program and it cannot contain virus.

How to avoid cookies

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can setup your browser so as to block all cookies, delete existing cookies from your computer's hard disk drive or issue a warning before any new cookie is downloaded. Please consult your web browsers help function for instructions on how to do this.

What's the lifetime of a cookie ?

A cookie's lifetime varies depending on the purpose for which they have been created. Some cookies disappear as soon as the browser is being shut down (temporary cookies) while others can live on for several months (permanent cookies). Many providers specify a 12 or 24 months lifetime on advertisement, statistics and contents related cookies.

Cookies with a specified lifetime will have a new expiration date set each time the site to which a cookie is related is revisisted.

You can always force immediate deletion of the cookies on your computer. Please consult the web browsers help function for instructions on how to do this.

Which cookies are used at by this web-site?

We make a distinction between temporary and permanent cookies.

Also we make a distinction between cookies sent by our web-site, (first party cookies) and those sent by the web-site of one of our partners, e.g.  Google Analystics (third party cookies). In most browsers it is possible to define settings that control the acceptance of cookies on the computer.

First party cookies


has_js is NVF’s own cookie and is therefore a first party cookie. has_ja is used to store information about the user's browser's activation of JAVA-script. If activated the site will be able to respond faster.


SESSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is a first party cookie.  This cookie will only be deposited if the web-site is accessed via a login function (this only applies to authorised users).


nvfitsSearchFormValues is a first party cookie deposited in order to have the web-site remember user settings in a form.

Third party cookies

We use a few third party services at our site,, notably Google Analytics. Occasionally these services also use cookies. You can have your browser refuse reception of third party cookies from selected parties by following this link and making your selection.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses cookies to gather statistics about our web-site, e.g. the number of visits, the number of clicks, time spent on the web-site etc.  Google Analytics deposits the following third party cookies at our web-site:

 utma cookie

This is a permanent cookie use to track the number of visits to the web-site, date first visited and date last visited. The cookie does not make user identification possible.

_utmb and _utmc cookies

These are temporary cookies. These two cookies form a pair, which is used to calculate time spent on the web-site. _utmb expires when a session ends, while _utmc lives on for 30 minuts after the session has ended. A cookie has no imformation about when you actually leave a web-site or shuts down the web browser. Therefore, it waits 30 minutes to see if further pages are being shown before declaring a session ended.

_utmz cookien

This cookie typically lives for 12 hours. The cookie tracks the origin of the visitor, e.g.  which search engine was used and what search criteria was used. 

Use of personal data

As stated in before, this site does not collect personal data.

If personal data sometime in the future should be collected, the following will apply:

Personal data is never being conveyed to third parties unless you have specifically permitted this to happen.  We never collect personal data without prior and explicit permission from you.

Information about your personal data

Should you require information about your own personal data collected by this web-site, you may contact If the registered data is partly or wholly incorrect, or if you have objections against the information held in the data you may use the same contact. Access to data registered on you personally may be claimed on the basis if the Act on Processing of Personal Data (Act No. 429 of 31 May 2000) and objection to a registration can be made on the same basis.

Protection of personal data

In compliance with the Act on Processing of Personal Data we store and protect all acquired personal data in a secure manner.

We store this information on computers with controlled access placed in a physical environment which also has controlled access and our security measures are constantly being reviewed in order to assess compliance with the Act on Processing of Personal Data and your rights as a user of our web-site. Any complaint about our processing of your personal data can be submitted to the Danish Data Protection Agency in line with § 58, sct. 1 of the Act on Processing of Personal Data.

However, we cannot provide a 100% certainty of data transfers through the Internet.

This means, there may be a risc that others unlawfully obtain access to data when they are being transmitted and stored. Thus, any personal data you supply through our web-site are supplied on your own responsibility.

Personal data are being erased or being made anonymous when the purpose for which they were collected cease to be relevant. No personal data will be stored for more than 12 months.

The rapid development of Internet and associated technologies may require us to change our processing of personal data. Thus, we retain the right to update and change the current policy for the handling of personal information. Any such action will be indicated by an updated "last revised date" at the bottom of the page. Should any significant change  occur, users will be informed by a notice on the web-site's HOME-page.


If you have any comments or questions in regard to this statement of policy and associated guidelines you may contact us at