Acronyms and abbreviations

3GThird Generation3:rd generation of mobile telephone system
ABSAnti-lock Breaking System 
AC_CRAccess Credentials (EN 15509)
ACCAdaptive Cruice Control 
ACEAAssociation des Constructeurs Européens d’AutomobilesEuropean automotive manufacturers’ association
ACEMAssociation des Constructeurs Européens de MotorcyclesThe motorcycle industry of Europe
ADASAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems 
ADISAdvanced Driver Information Systems 
ADPApplication Data Protocols 
ADRAccord Dangereux RoutierThe regulations which govern the international movements of hazardous goods by road
ADUApplication Data Unit (EN ISO 12855:2011 definition 4.1.1)
AEIAutomatic Equipment Identification 
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard (ISO/IEC 18033-3:2005)
AFCAutomatic Fee Collection 
AGORA-CMap-based on-the-fly location referencing 
AHAR Automatic Highway Advisory RadioUsed in USA
AHSAutomated Highway System 
AIArtificial Intelligence 
AIDAutomatic Incident Detection 
ALARP-principleAs Low as Reasonably Practicable 
ALERT +Extended message coding protocol 
ALERT CMessage coding protocol, intended for RDS-TMC 
AMISAdvanced Mobile Information Systems 
ANPRAutomatic Number Plate Recognition 
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute 
APApplication Process 
APCAutomated Passenger Counting 
APIApplication Programming Interface 
APISAdvanced Parking Information System 
APSAutopilot System 
APTSAdvanced Public Transport System 
ARASAdvanced Rider Assistance SystemsFor motorbikers
ARIS Advanced Rider Information SystemsFor motorbikers
ASAAutomatic Speed Adaptation 
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange 
ASECAPAssociation des Sociétés Européennes des Concessionnaires d’Autoroutes à PéageAssociation of European Motorway and Toll Unit Operators
ASICApplication Specific Integrated Circuit  
ASN.1Abstract Syntax Notation OneA method to specify data elements in communication that reduce the number of needed interfaces. Defined in ISO 8824, ISO 8825
ASRAutomatic Speech RecognitionAn electronic system that will recognise a predefined set of spoken words.
ATC (1)Area Traffic Control 
ATC (2) Application Protocol
ATC (3)Automatic Toll Collection 
ATC (4)Automatic Traffic Control 
ATC (5)Automatic Train Control 
ATCCArea Traffic Control Centers 
ATISAdvanced Traveller Information Systems 
ATMSAdvanced Traffic Management Systems 
ATTAdvanced Transport Telematics 
AVCAutomatic Vehicle Classification 
AVHSAdvanced Vehicle Highway System 
AVIAutomatic Vehicle Identification 
AVLAutomatic Vehicle Location 
BAFBearer Application Format 
BAPBearer Application ProtocolMessage exchange protocol, adjusted to bearer characteristics
BER (1)Basic Encoding Rules 
BER (2)Bit Error Rate 
BIFBearer Independent FormatMessage exchange protocol, bearer independent
BluetoothVery short range radio technique that enables wireless communication between electronic equipment 
BOTBuild, Operate, Transfer 
BRTBus Rapid Transit  
BSIBritish Standards Institute 
BSTBeacon Service TableElement in DSRC communication, indicating the applications served by the sending beacon
C2C CCCar-to-Car Communication Consortium 
CACertification Authority 
CAMCooperative Awareness Message 
CARDMEConcerted Action for Resarch on Demand Management in EuropeEU initiative for interoperable EFC
CAS (1)Collision Avoidance System 
CAS (2)Conditional Access and Security 
CCCCompliance Check Communication (CEN ISO/TC 12813)
CCSCargo Community System 
CCTVClosed Circuit Television 
CDECarbon Dioxide Equivalent 
CDI Context Dependent Itinerary  
CDMACode-Division Multiple Access  
cdma2000Code Division Multiple Access 2000Family of of IMT-2000 (3G) standards providing high-quality voice and broadband data services over wireless networks. CDMA2000 builds on the inherent advantages of CDMA technologies and introduces other enhancements
CECCommission of the European Communities 
CEMTConference Européenne des Ministres des TransportAlso called ECMT - European Conference of Ministers of Transport
CENComité Européen de NormalisationEuropean Standards Committee
CENELECComité Européen de Normalisation ElectrotechniqueEuropean standards committee for electro-technical matters
CEPTConference Européenne des Postes et TélécommunicationsEuropean Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations 
CESARECommon EFC System for an ASECAP Road Tolling European SystemEuropean research project for EFC
CFACommon Functional Analysis 
CIContract Issuer 
CII Context Independent Itinerary  
CMSChangeable Message Signs 
CMVCommercial Motor Vehicles 
CNCellular Network  Cellular Networks for communication (for example GSM)
COST Coopération européenne dans le domaine de la recherche Scientifique et TechniqueEuropean Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research
CRLCertificate Revocation List 
CUController Unit 
CVOCommercial Vehicle Operations 
DABDigital Audio Broadcasting 
DATEXData ExchangeEuropean standard with a dictionary and a new protocol for data transmission between traffic management centres. DATEX will be in XML format.
DBMSDatabase Management Systems 
DESData Encryption Standard 
DETRDepartment of Environment, Transport and RegionsAuthority in UK
DFADetailed Functional Analysis 
DFDData Flow Diagram 
DG TRENDirection Générale de Transport et Energy 
DGPSDifferential Global Positioning System 
DINDeutsche Industrie NormenGerman industrial standards system
DIS (1)Draft International Standard 
DIS (2)Driver Information System 
DMSDynamic Message Sign 
DRDetection Rate 
DRIP Dynamic Route Information PanelSynonym till VMS
DRPTSDemand Responsive Public Transport Service 
DRTSDemand Responsive Transport Service 
DSRCDedicated Short Range Communication 
DSSSDriving Safety Support Systems 
DTLSDatagram Transport Layer Security 
DTMFDual-tone multifrequencyRefers to the generic name for touch-tone sounds required for communicating with machines (banking, voice mail, etc.) 
DVIDriver-Vehicle Interface 
E2EEnd to End 
EBUEuropean Broadcasting Union 
ECEuropean Community 
eCallIn vehicle Emergency Call System The Pan-European eCall emergency call service use solely the Pan-European emergency call number 112 that is flagged, forwarded to and answered by nominated PSAP or duely authorised private PSAP. Note: the "eCall" should only be used in 112 context
ECC (1)Electronic Communications Committee of the CEPT  
ECC (2)Elliptic Curve Cryptography 
ECMTEuropean Conference of Ministers of TransportAlso called CEMT - Conference Européenne des Ministres des Transport
ECUElectronic Control Unit 
EDGEEnhanced Data rates for Global EvolutionEnhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution is back-ward compatible digital mobile phone technology with improved data transmission capabilities as an extension for GSM. EDGE is part of ITU's 3G definition
EDIElectronic Data Interchange 
EDIFACTElectronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and TransportAn ISO standard that specifies data interchange structure in terms of standard segments and data elements associated with syntax rules, basis for UNSM
EDTElectronic Data Transfer 
EEA European Economic Area 
EEC European Economic Community 
EETSEuropean Electronic Toll ServiceBased on the Directive 2004/52/EC
EFCElectronic Fee Collection 
E-FCDEnhanced FCD 
EGExpert Group 
EIRPEmitted Isotropically Radiated Power 
EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility 
ENEuropäische NormEuropean Standard
ENVEuropäische Norm, VornormEuropean pre-standard
EPEETS Provider 
ERFEuropean Road Federation 
ERTICOEuropean Road Transport Telematics Implementation Co-ordination Organisation 
ESCElectronic Stability Control 
ESCEETS Security Committee 
ESO European Standardisation Organisation 
ESPElectronic Stability Programme 
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival 
ETCElectronic Toll Collection 
ETCCEuropean Technical Certification Centre 
ETSEuropean Telecommunication Standard 
ETSIEuropean Telecommunications Standards InstituteEuropean standardisation body for telecommunications
EU European Union 
EVSCExternal Vehicle Speed Control 
FARFalse Alarm Rate 
FATFactory Acceptance Test 
FCDFloating Car Data 
FEFront End  
FFFIS Form Fit Functional Interface Specification  
FFFS Form Fit Functional Specification 
FHWAFederal Highway AdministrationThe federal road authority in USA
FIFinancial Institution 
FIS Functional interface specification  
FOTField Operation Test 
FRAMEFramework Architecture Made for EuropeContinuation of the KAREN-project
GATSGlobal Automotive Telematics StandardOpen platform for telematic services in the radio network
GDFGeographical Data FileStandard for representing maps in digital form
GDFGeographic Data File  
GDOPGeometric Dilution of PrecisionDescribes the quality of GPS-signals
GEGround Equipment 
GISGeographic Information System 
GJUGalileo Joint Undertaking 
GLONASSGlobal Orbiting Navigation Satellite System 
GLSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System 
GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System A generic term used for satellite localisation system such as GPS and GALILEO
GPRSGeneralised Packet Radio ServiceIncreases speed and enables internet connections in mobile telephone systems
GPSGlobal Positioning SystemA system which uses orbiting satellites to determine its geographical position
GRDGeographical Road Database 
GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communication (originally a.k.a. Groupe Spécial Mobile)ETSI standard for cellular telephones
GSS Global Specification for Short Range Communication 
HARHighway Advisory Radio 
HCIHuman-Computer Interaction 
HD Harmonisation Document 
HDOPHorizontal Dilution of PrecisionDescribe the quality of GPS-signals
HGM (1)Hazardous Goods Management 
HGM (2)Hazardous Goods Monitoring 
HGM (3)Highway Goods Management 
HGVHeavy Goods Vehicle 
HMI (1)Human-Machine Interaction 
HMI (2)Human Machine Interface  
HOTHigh-Occupancy Toll 
HOVHigh Occupancy Vehicle 
HUDHead Up DisplayA display that is projected through the windscreen in front of the driver so that it may be viewed continually while driving.
I2V  Infrastructure to Vehicle 
IAPInteroperable Application Profile 
IC cardIntegrated Circuit card 
IC Interoperability Constituent 
ICC (1)In Car Computing 
ICC (2)Intelligent Cruise Control 
ICSImplementation Conformance Statement (CEN ISO/TS 14907-2)
ICTInformation and Communication Technology 
IECInternational Electrotechnical CommissionStandardisation body
IEPInter-sector Electronic Purse 
IETFInternet Engineering Task Force 
I-ETSInterim ETSETSI equivalent to ENV
IMInteroperability Management 
i-mode Mobil telephone system with internet function developed by NTT mainly for Japanese markets; rolled out also in some European markets e.g. the Netherlands
IMSISIn-Vehicle Motorist Services Information Systems 
IOPMInteroperability Manager 
IPIntegrated Payment 
IPsecInternet Protocol Security 
IPv6Internet Protocol version 6Protocol for computer information on the internet 
IRFInternational Road Federation 
IRSInterface Requirement Specification 
IRTEIntegrated Road Transport Environment 
ISAIntelligent Speed Adaptation 
ISISIn-Vehicle Signing and Information Systems 
ISMSInformation Security management system (ISO 27000)
ISOInternational Organisation for Standardisation 
ISP International Standardised Profile (ISO/IEC TR 10000:1998)
ISRNInternational Standard Road Number 
ITInformation Technology 
ITS (1)Intelligent Transport Systems 
ITS (2)Intelligent Transport Systems and Services 
ITUInternational Telecommunication UnionInternational organisation for regulation and standardisation in the field of telecommunications, e.g. coordination of radio frequencies
ITV (1)Internal Television 
ITV (2)Interactive Television  
IVEIn-Vehicle Equipment 
IVHSIntelligent Vehicle Highway SystemsFormer name of ITS
IVISIn-Vehicle Information Systems 
IVSAWSIn Vehicle Safety and Warning Systems 
IVUIn-Vehicle Unit 
JAMAJapan Automobile Manufacturers Association 
JARIJapan Automobile Research Institute 
JPC Joint Programming Committee of CEN/CENELEC/ETSI 
JRCJoint Research Centre 
JWG Joint Working Group 
K&RKiss and Ride 
KARENKeystone Architecture Required for European NetworksFramework architecture enabling the deployment of working and workable ITS within the European Union, see FRAME
L1 Layer 1 of DSRC (Physical Layer) 
L2 Layer 2 of DSRC (Data Link Layer) 
L7 Layer 7 of DSRC (Application Layer) 
LACLocalisation Augmentation Communication  
LCDLiquid Crystal Display 
LDMLocal Dynamic Map Represents the dynamic real world
on in-vehicle and infrastructure platforms. 
LDW  Lane Departure Warning 
LEDLight Emitting Diode 
LHOVRAA control strategy for isolated signal control developed by the Swedish National Road Administration 
LOELevel of Service 
LOSLevel of service (USA) 
LPR (1)License Plate Reading 
LPR (2)License Plate Recognition 
MACMessage Authentication Code 
MAC_NRDSRC message authentication guaranteeing non-repudiation to the Toll Charger 
MAC_TCDSRC Message Authentication Code for Toll Charger 
MAC_TSPDSRC Message Authentication Code for Toll Service Provider 
MCSMotorway Control System 
MMMobility Management 
MMI (1)Man Machine Interface 
MMI (2)Man-Machine Interaction 
MOEMeasure of Effectiveness 
MoUMemorandum of Understanding 
MOVAMicroprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation 
MPLSMultiprotocol Label Switching 
MS Member State 
MTDMean Time to Detect 
NB Notified Body 
NBFCNon-bank Financial Company 
NHTSANational Highway Traffic Safety AdministrationU.S. government agency
NPRNumber Plate Reading 
NVFNordiskt VägforumNordic Road Association
OBCOn-board Computer 
OBEOn-board Equipment 
OBISOn-Bike Information Systems 
OBUOn-board Unit 
OCCOperational Certification Centre 
OCROptical Character Recognition 
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer 
OIDObject identifier 
OJ Official Journal of the European Union 
OOObject Oriented 
OOPObject Oriented Programming 
OSIOpen System InterconnectionName of ISO communication model
P&RPark and Ride 
P+RPark and Ride 
PANPersonal Account Number 
PCEPassenger Car Equivalent 
PCUpersonal car unit 
PDAPersonal Digital Assistance 
PERPacked Encoding Rules (ISO/IEC 8825-2)
PHFPeak Hour Factor 
PIARCPermanent International Association of Road CongressesWorld Road Association, also called AIPCR in French
PICSPedestrian Information and Communication Systems 
PIN (1)Personal Identification Number 
PIN (2)Programme Item NumberAn RDS term
PKIPublic Key Infrastructure 
PMIPayment Means Issuer 
POIPoint Of Interest 
PPPPrivate-Public Partnership 
prENDraft European Standard 
PSAPPublic safety answering point 
PTPublic Transport 
PTAPersonel Travel Assistance 
PTZPan Tilt ZoomCamera technology
PuffinPedestrian User-Friendly INtelligent crossing 
QAS Quality Assurance System 
QoSQuality of Service 
RAMS Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety 
RDSRadio Data System 
RDS-TMCRadio Data System - Traffic Message ChannelFM Radio Data System (RDS) used for broadcasting real-time traffic and weather information. Data messages are received silently and decoded by a TMC-equipped car radio or navigation system
RFID Radio Frequency IDentification 
RFURecommendation for Use 
RGSRoute Guidance Simulator 
RRTRail Rapid Transit 
RSARivest, Shamir and Adleman RSA is an algorithm for public-key cryptography, also referred to as asymmetrical cryptographic technique.
RSERoadside Equipment 
RSURoad Side Unit 
RTIRoad Transport InformaticsFormer name of ITS in Europe
RTTRoad Transport Telematics 
RTTIReal Time Travel Information 
RTTTRoad Transport and Traffic TelematicsTitle of CEN Technical Committee on Road Transport Telematics
RWISRoad Weather Information System 
SAESociety of Automotive EngineersStandardising committee in USA
SAMSecure Access Module 
SATSite Acceptance Test 
SC (1)Steering Committee 
SC (2)Standards Committee 
SHA-1Secure Hash Algorithm(ISO/IEC 10118-3)
SITSystem integration test 
SLAService Level Agreement  
SMSecurity Measure (countermeasure) 
SMSShort Message Service 
SOA(1)Service Oriented Architecture 
SQLStructured Query Language 
SS Subsystem 
SUService User 
TATraffic Announcement  
TBC Time Base Control 
TC (1)Toll Charger  
TC (2)Technical Committee 
TCCTraffic Control Centre 
TDMTransport Demand Mangement 
TETrusted Element 
TEN-TTrans European Network for Transport  
TERNTrans European Road NetworkSection 2 of Annex I to Decision No 1692/96/EC, illustrated by maps and described in Annex II to that Decision
TF Terminals and Facilities 
TICTraffic Information Centre 
TICSTransport Information and Control SystemsTitle of ISO Technical Committee on Road Transport Telematics
TIRTransport International par la RouteInternational road transport - International customs convention (1959) allowing free transit in intermediate countries
TLSTransport layer security 
TMC (1)Traffic Management Centre 
TMC (2)Traffic Message ChannelSee RDS-TMC
TPTraffic ProgrammeAn RDS term
TPEG Transport Protocol Experts Group 
TRTechnical Report 
TS Technical Specifications 
TSPToll Service Provider  
TTETravel Time Estimating 
TTITraffic and Travel Information 
TTPTrusted Third Party 
UATUser Acceptance Test 
UMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunication SystemStandard for support in fast internet access, “broad”-communication
UNSMUnited Nations Standard MessageA standardised message resulting from the work of the United Nations - Economic Commission for Europe - EDIFACT committees
URLUniversal Resource IdentifierThe unique identifier for a resource (file, image, service) on the Internet
UTCUrban Traffic Control 
UTMCUrban Traffic Management Centre 
V2I  Vehicle to Infrastructure 
V2NVehicle to Nomadic Device 
V2V  Vehicle to Vehicle 
V2X  Vehicle to X 
WANWide Area Network 
WAPWireless Application ProtocolStandard for internet in mobile telephone systems
VATValue Added Tax 
WCDMAWideband Code Division Multiple AccessAn ITU standard derived from Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA). W-CDMA is a third-generation (3G) mobile wireless technology that has higher data speeds to mobile and portable wireless devices than commonly offered in GSM
VDSVariable Direction Sign 
VDUVehicle Display Unit 
VERTISVehicle, Road and Traffic Intelligence SystemsJapanese ITS- organisation
WG Working Group 
VICSVehicle Information and Communication System 
VINVehicle Identification Number  
VLANVirtual Local Area Network 
W-LANWireless Local Area Network 
VMSVariable Message Sign 
WP Working Party 
VPNVirtual Private Network 
VPSVehicle Positioning System 
VSTVehicle Service Table (CEN ISO 14906)
X2VX to Vehicle 
XERXML Encoding Rules (ISO/IEC 8825-4)