This terminology has been prepared at the initiative of NVF (Nordic Road Association). This third revised edition of the terminology has been made available on the internet in order to allow better interaction between the users of the terminology and its editorial board. Previous editions were released in 1997 and 2002 respectively. It is with great pleasure that the NVF ITS Committee hereby relaseses the third edition at the same time as the Via Nordica Congress in Reykjavik 2012.

The target group has been defined as ITS professionals in public authorities, ITS consultancy, ITS industry, research and education together with organisations like PIARC, ISO, CEN, the EU Commission, projects within VIKING/Easyway, decision makers, media etc.

The terminology has been prepared for a steering group by an expert group lead by a project coordinator involving the following persons:

Project coordinator:    

    Charlotte von Scholten, Vejdirektoratet, Danmark

Expert group:

    Arvid Aakre, NTNU, Norge

    Kristian Appel, Traficon Ab, Finland

    Peter Kronborg, Movea AB, Sverige

    Jens Toft Wendelboe och Peter Yde, COWI A/S, Danmark

Steering group:

    Even Myhre, Statens vegvesen, Norge

    Petri Rönneikkö, Trafikverket, Finland

    Clas Roberg, Trafikverket, Sverige

    Per Hedelund, Dansk Trafik Teknik A/S, Danmark


The steering group was composed of the chairmen of the national NVF ITS committees.

Work in the expert group has been financed by the national road administrations. 

On behalf on the NVF ITS Committee I thank the coordinator, the expert group and the steering group for constructive nordic cooperation and good result.

Juni 2012

Even Myhre

Chairman, NVF ITS Committee


About NVF

Nordiskt vägforum, NVF (Nordic Road Association) is an organization which aims at promoting development within the road and road traffic sectors through an active co-operation between professionals in the field in Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

The most important objectives of NVF are realised through the work carried out in its technical committees. The NVF ITS Committee is a Nordic forum for exchange of experience and knowledge about ITS and the application of ITS systems and services.

About the Road Transport Telematics Terminology

The first edition of “Road Transport Telematics Terminology” was published by NVF Committee 53 (nowadays called the NVF ITS Committee) in 1997. That publication included English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish terms and definitions for some 230 essential ITS concepts.  The second edition of the terminology was published by NVF 53 in 2002 containing some 490 terms and definitions. The terminology was widely accepted in the Nordic countries and has also aroused interest outside these countries. It has been translated into several other languages, and the World Road Association PIARC has included the terminology into their web-based dictionary. 

The NVF ITS Committee commissioned an expert group to prepare the third edition of the terminology, with financial support from the National Road Authorities in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The third edition contains some 870 terms with definitions. As part of the preparation process, a draft edition was circulated for commenting by many professional organisations in the Nordic countries and by PIARC.

As regards the structure and the English terms and definitions, the expert group has collected existing material from numerous professional sources including among others ISO/CEN, after which the material has been compiled and discussed within the group. The normative guidelines issued by ISO/CEN for the presentation of terms and definitions were also consulted.

Reader’s guide

The expert group, along with the NVF ITS Committee, wishes to express the hope that this third edition of the terminology will be used as basis for improved mutual understanding and harmonisation within the field of ITS in the Nordic countries and that it will be used in international ITS standardisation within CEN and ISO as well.

In this Nordic edition of the terminology, the terms are defined in English and in five Nordic languages: Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish. In addition to the pdf-version also a corresponding interactive web-version has been realised (see www.nvfnorden.org for links to the e-version and the feed-back facility).

The basic philosophy behind this terminology has been to provide definitions for ITS functions or services rather than products or technologies. However, in an effort to make the terminology more understandable and complete, many generic concepts as well some technology related terms have been included.

The third edition of the terminology has preserved the division into functional groups introduced with the first edition. This closely resembles the approach of the (4th) EU Framework Programme for Research and Technical Development in which a firm foundation for definitions of ITS functions was laid. Within the functional groups, terms are mostly organised in a hierarchy within subgroups. This division is not completely unambiguous but should none the less make it easier to navigate in the terminology, e.g. to look up terms associated with a specific subset of ITS.  

The division of terms into groups (chapters) can always be discussed, because many terms could be placed in several groups. A number of terms are thus included in more than one group either directly or by cross-referencing. The division into groups serves no other purpose than to facilitate the search for terms by users. Alphabetical lists (indexes) of the terms in the different languages are another helpful tool and can be found at the end of this document. In the definitions reference is given to other defined terms included in the terminology. When there is a clear risk of misunderstanding, “see also” references to closely related terms are given.

Feedback and maintenance

It is the intention of the NVF ITS Committee to organize a continuous maintenance of the ITS terminology database based on the following activities:

-          formation of a permanent editors group representing the four countries Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden with the responsibility for maintaining the  terminology

-          encourage collection of comments and suggestions from the users: Users are invited to visit the e-version of the terminology via www.nvfnorden.org, navigate to the e-version and then use the feed-back facility included in that application

-          analysis of the feedback received as well as other identified needs and releasing of an updated database now and then (e.g. once a year)


The dictionary is the property of the NVF ITS Committee. The terminology can be accessed and used without any charge via www.nvfnorden.org. Use of the on-line terminology and download of the terminology (PDF-files) is free of charge as long as it is for personal use.

Commercial use, copying, reproduction, imbedding, changing or spreading of the terminology, its content and software is not allowed without permission from the NVF ITS Committee.